Ministry Referral Exchange Service
A ministry for those associated with the
independent Bible and Baptist churches.

Application Process
  1. Individuals seeking a ministry need to complete the Personnel Profile/Application.
      Click Here to download the Personnel Profile.

     2. Organizations seeking personnel need to complete the Positions Profile/Application.
      Click Here to download the Positions Profile.

     3. Separate profiles should be submitted for multiple positions.

     4. You are encouraged to submit a Profile/Application to each agency.

     5. Once your application is approved, you will be provided with a username and password to enter the
       profile database.

     6. Profiles will remain posted for six months unless we are notified to remove them. (We are currently
      notifying those with old profiles before removing them.)

     7. You must submit a new updated profile to be activated for another six months.

     8. If at any time during the six months you need to make any changes, simply submit an updated profile.
     9. After downloading the profile, be sure you saved it to your computer before filling it in.

10. The file is an interactive PDF document. If you experience difficulty in opening or saving the profile,
      download the current version of Adobe Reader at:

              NOTE: There appears to be an issue opening the PDF documents in the Chrome browser because
       Chrome has it's own internal PDF reader. If this is a problem, try using another browser that uses Adobe

11. Use the Tab Key or Mouse to move from field to field.

12. Entering data in the text fields will add additional lines as needed.

13. Press the Enter Key twice in a text field to start a new paragraph.

14. Help text is displayed by hovering the cursor over a data field.

15. Your profile is posted in its entirety-so be careful about accuracy.

16. After filling in the profile, use the “Save As” option to save the file in the following format:

      For the Personnel Profile:

      Example: 01-Pastoral-2009-07-15-Doe_John-Anytown-PA.pdf

      For the Positions Profile:

      Example: 01-Pastoral-2009-07-15-Grace_Bible_Church-Anytown-PA.pdf

      Use the following categories that correspond to the category, not the “position of interest,” you
      selected in your profile:

      02-Associate           (Includes Associate & Assistant Pastor)
      03-Youth                 (Includes Children & Youth Ministries)
      05-Supply               (Includes Interims & Pulpit Supply)
      Use the date in your profile for the description date: YYYY-MM-DD

17. For Calvary Bible College send your profile/application as an e-mail attachment to:

18. For Help Ministries, send your profile/application as an e-mail attachment to:
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